A fantastic game! I work with adults with special needs and they immediately generated a response and conversation about the pictures. I was impressed and loved them with my weekly group as well. Thank you.

 20 Two-Piece Photo Puzzles

A refreshing twist on two-piece puzzles that are based on photos of various foods from around the world. Particularly dignified for the elderly, those with dementia, re-learning verbal skills and more.


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Food, 20 Two-Piece Photo Puzzles

20 two-piece photo puzzles

Food has 20 two-piece puzzles of photos created for professionals with clients of all ages and abilities. Players generate conversation as they develop visual identification and fine motor skills when they engage each 2-piece photo puzzle of various food from around the world: plate of spaghetti, omelette, cup of tea, etc. MKgames was created by two moms; a special needs teacher and an occupational therapist who realized dignified and effective tools were missing for their clients. See examples below of varied uses.  Can be played in a basic manner or create more challenging activities while discussing and learning about food, drinks, nutrition, daily activities and more.



The 40 (cardboard) pieces are high quality photos, with non-reflective finishing (sensitive to visual impairments, protective against liquids, repeated play) and photographs that depict real life foods eaten around the world.


Examples of supportive questions and professional uses of Food:

  • Each puzzle is shaped the same, patients focus on the photo and less on just connecting the right pieces.

  • Basic play: Complete each two-piece puzzle with the correct pieces.

  • More advanced: Cluster foods and drinks together that you like/have for breakfast/have never tried, etc. Create stories with the completed puzzles.

  • Ask questions 1:1 or in groups such as: Do I like this food? Who do I drink this with? Can I make it myself? What do I need to buy to make it at home? What memories do I connect with this food? What does this smell like?

  • This game is most often used to enhance concentration, verbal skills, visual discrimination and fine motor skills.


Loved by: Professionals who serve special needs populations, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, teachers, school counselors, nutritionists, parents and more.  


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